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What is DrScore?
DrScore.com is a unique website dedicated to improving patient satisfaction and the quality of medical care. Through DrScore, patients can rate their satisfaction with their medical care at no cost. DrScore also gives visitors free access to the ratings, to help them select a doctor. Finally, to "close the loop" of patient satisfaction, DrScore makes detailed survey results available to doctors, giving them a low-cost alternative for measuring – and thereby improving – patient satisfaction.
DrScore does this through a cutting-edge, Web-based, adaptive patient satisfaction Web site that facilitates easy identification of health care providers, by specialty and location. Visitors simply identify their physician and answer a few questions. Details are requested for those areas that are opportunities for improvement.

DrScore collects and disseminates this information with complete anonymity for the patient. The website does not collect names or e-mail addresses. To prevent patients from repeatedly rating a doctor in order to skew the score, DrScore allows patients to rate a particular doctor only once every three months.

There's nothing else like DrScore.

DrScore is unique in that it measures and makes public patient satisfaction information about individual physicians. Other patient-satisfaction reporting efforts focus on large systems such as hospitals and health plans. DrScore gives patients more information and reassurance than they can get from a Yellow Pages ad. People can choose their doctor based on what other people's experiences have been. It's like asking friends for a recommendation -- but you get a far broader opinion than you could ever gather in person.

In essence, DrScore serves as an extension of the patient and a complement to patient-advocacy groups by providing relevant information to help people make informed decisions about their health. In addition, the detailed information submitted by patients is available to help physicians improve their practices. And by publishing the ratings, DrScore supports the medical profession by showing the public how satisfied most patients really are with their doctor.

DrScore's unique set-up and cost structure make it an effective, grassroots organization that is a partner with both patients and physicians in order to improve the quality of medical care.

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