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Why DrScore
DrScore.com is free to everybody, and it can cover every physician in the United States. Through DrScore, prospective patients can learn how other patients rate their experience with the doctor and the practice. And the Internet allows patients to provide very detailed information with the least effort.

Patients and physicians both desire information about the quality of care.

For Patients:

Patients are increasingly turning to the Internet as they seek information about their health and health-care providers. However, patients are in a difficult position to evaluate the quality of care that physicians provide. Some health plans and employer groups offer patient-care information to their members, but these sites rate only doctors in their plan, and some may rate doctors by the cost of care, not patient satisfaction. Other Web sites allow patients to look up state records to learn if a physician has been subject to disciplinary action, but they do not report patient satisfaction.

For Physicians:

Physicians want to provide high quality care and service, but getting the information they need to enhance their practice isn't easy. Physicians can undertake their own patient satisfaction surveys, but homegrown surveys can't tell doctors how they compare to their peers. Alternatively, physicians can hire, at considerable cost, practice management consultants to survey patient satisfaction. Either way, these surveys, when administered in the office, are intrusive and disrupt patient flow and normal staff activities.

DrScore gives physicians the means of measuring patient satisfaction with less cost and hassle, while offering benchmarks to which they can compare themselves. In addition, allowing their patients to participate in a survey of their services lets patients know the practice cares about their satisfaction.

The Bottom Line:

With more than 500,000 physicians in the United States, the need for a cost-effective solution for both patients and doctors is evident. DrScore uses the power of the Internet to provide health care providers and their patients with new, convenient assessment tools to quantify and improve the quality of the care.

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