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DrScore Gets Provisional Approval from the American Board of Dermatology
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DrScore for Maintenance of Certification
The American Board of Dermatology has given provisional approval of DrScore's validated, easy-to-use, low-cost online patient satisfaction survey to obtain and report patients’ experience of care for board certification and re-certification by U.S. dermatologists. DrScore offers a patient review and a peer review survey to be used for MOC.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

DrScore gives patients the opportunity to give their doctors feedback, and at the same time gives doctors a way to get detailed feedback from patients without the costs or hassles of other survey methods. Each physician using DrScore’s patient satisfaction survey will need a minimum of 45 completed surveys to fulfill the MOC requirement.

Upon signing up, a starter kit is sent to the physician, which includes a sign and card handouts for patients directing them to the DrScore site to leave feedback. Once the 45 surveys have been submitted, DrScore will report to the ABD letting them know the requirement has been met.

Peer Review Survey

DrScore makes it easy for you to complete the Peer Review Survey component for MOC. The process to complete this component is simple and straightforward. You will be asked to provide the names and email addresses of your colleagues; DrScore will then email a link to the online peer review survey to them on your behalf. A minimum of 12 surveys must be completed to fulfill this requirement.

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