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DrScore for Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH)
DrScore is certified by the NCQA to conduct CAHPS® PCMH surveys for U.S. doctors’ offices and medical groups. For a low cost and with minimal burden, use DrScore to collect PCMH survey responses through our established online methods. Request a quote and more information from a DrScore representative.

About the PCMH Survey

The PCMH survey is a standardized survey that assesses patients’ experiences with medical care provided by medical homes. The survey set was developed to improve upon the existing CAHPS Clinician and Group Survey to assess experiences at medical homes in more detail, and includes additional questions focusing solely on the experience of care at a patient-centered medical home.

There are two PCMH survey instruments available: the CAHPS® PCMH Adult Version and the CAHPS® PCMH Child Version. Both surveys cover the experience of care over the last 12 months.

The Online Method of Survey Administration

DrScore is certified to administer the survey using a two-wave email and web-based method. Patients receive up to two emails during a 42-day period, prompting them to visit a custom website, in which they will complete the survey. DrScore utilizes established methods to create, track, secure and report upon patient feedback, established through our depth of experience managing the popular DrScore online patient satisfaction survey service.

For a low cost, practices are able to effectively survey required population totals without the burden of in-person or mail surveys. All data are recorded digitally and reported electronically to NCQA per their requirements.

PCMH survey results are collected and reportedupon separately for each medical practice location. All eligible providers are included in the survey. Eligible providers include physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who specialize in internal medicine, family medicine or pediatrics and have their own set of patients.

The survey data can be submitted to NCQA twice a year. In 2013, those dates are in April and September.

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