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DrScore reports can be accessed by practices via DrScore's online reporting system. The reports include mean scores for the physician, the office practice and the staff, each with comparison to benchmark data on US physicians and physicians in your specialty. Histograms and summary data show the distribution of scores for each of the major areas queried by the survey. Patients’ open comments are listed. The DrScore Report describes in detail potential problem areas pointed out by patients.
Nearly all doctors will find the DrScore Reports a great way to motivate themselves and their patients. Doctors in the U.S. do a terrific job, and that is well recognized by most patients. Posting the DrScore reports in the staff’s common area allows the doctor and staff the opportunity to see on a regular basis the exceptional work they are doing. Moreover, by having this quantitative data, the practice can set goals for even higher levels of excellence and reward their staff when these levels are achieved. Some doctors may want to have the information on hand when negotiating payment rates with insurers.
For more information, please view the 3 sample report sections below:
Physician Detail Report: View PDF
Location Report: View PDF
Raw Data Report: View PDF
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