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DrScore at a Glance
DrScore.com is a unique, new website for measuring patient satisfaction. Patients go to the site to rate their satisfaction. Patients can also use the site to search the ratings of other physicians. Physicians can view summaries of their ratings through the site, or receive more detailed reports that allow them to "drill down" into the data to provide opportunities to improve service.

The Details:

  • Patients rate their physicians with complete anonymity. DrScore does not collect names or e-mail address.
  • Visitors to the site can rate physicians and view ratings for free.
  • Safeguards make it difficult for patients to skew the results by repeatedly rating their doctor.
  • DrScore is partnering with patient-advocacy groups to help connect patients with advocacy groups and to help advocacy groups meet recurring demand for physician information.

Why we are starting it:

  • DrScore's goal is to improve medical care by giving patients a forum for rating their doctor that is open to all, and by giving doctors an affordable, objective, non-intrustive means of documenting the quality of care that they provide.

What it offers physicians:

  • It identifies ways to improve their practice.
  • It improves their competitive position.
  • It tells patients that they care about the quality of their service.

DrScore's advantages:

  • DrScore is much lower in cost than other options for measuring patient satisfaction.
  • DrScore offers benchmark comparisons.
  • The DrScore survey is easy to use yet yields highly detailed information.

About us:

DrScore is operated by the Medical Quality Enhancement Corp., founded by Steven R. Feldman, M.D., Ph.D. Our mission is to improve the quality of medical care by quantifying and providing feedback on patient satisfaction to patients and to health care providers.

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