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Advocacy Relations
DrScore.com is dedicated to improving patients’ health care experience. We realize one of the best ways to help patients is to encourage their use of patient advocacy groups. Empowering patients to learn about the diseases, disorders or causes that impact their life is important. When patients come together and use their voices to make a difference in improving the healthcare landscape, everyone wins.
We believe in the importance of patient advocacy work and are committed to aligning with groups, organizations and companies that share this commitment.

DrScore works to promote patient advocacy groups by providing patients information on these groups. By providing links through the Internet, DrScore facilitates the flow of patients to these groups. When patients ask for information about doctors in a particular medical specialty, DrScore not only provides that information, but also information about patient advocacy groups related to that specialty.

Similar to other patient advocacy groups, DrScore works by mobilizing the power of patients. We seek to complement the many benefits patient advocacy organizations offer their patients by providing specific information on patients’ experience of medical care. And similar to other patient advocacy groups, we have a strong belief in U.S. doctors, their commitment to patients, and their desire to help patients as best they can.

We very much wish to collaborate with patient advocacy organizations and welcome suggestions, comments, and opportunities to work together. If you have an idea of how DrScore can further its patient advocacy efforts to better improve and communicate the quality of healthcare, or if your organization wants to work with us to help improve the experience of medical care, please email us at advocacy@drscore.com.

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